Frequently Asked Questions

Why does GroupPost exist?
We have the fundamental belief that, "We're better together". That's a simple way of saying that our communities are founded, grow and are sustainedBY US ("We the People..."). We don't want or need others telling us what's best for us and then seeking to "help" us. We're the experts when it comes to our communities. GroupPost provides an environment that fosters and facilitates this spirit of self-determination.

How did you come up with this concept?
It's like the old Reese's Cup commercial, "You got chocolate in my peanut butter - Well, you got peanut butter in my chocolate." Our Founder, Dennis R. Boren, has been a part of numerous non-profit community organizations and has spent a lifetime developing and working in small businesses. GroupPost simply marries the needs of both businesses and community Groups resulting in stronger self-reliant / self-sustaining communities.

Why should my Group / Organization use GroupPost?
First, GroupPost is the only place that gives Groups a turnkey FREE communications tool that allows Groups to send communications to its Followers without collecting or managing (i.e. constantly updating) Follower's email addresses. Plus, like never before, Groups can send their messages to their Followers via text message, and smart phone apps (coming soon). Also, as more Groups and their Followers use the GroupPost communications tool and our database builds, we'll begin to allow Business Users to register and subscribe. This will allow Groups to begin to benefit financially from "Painless Fundraising".

When will businesses begin registering and subscribing to GroupPost?
Our database of User is populated by Groups (organizations) using our free communications tool. When we have a sufficient User base, we'll open GroupPost to Business Users.

Do you recommend that Groups continue their traditional fundraising efforts?
Absolutely. Income from GroupPost is a building process. We recommend that Groups keep doing what they know works for them, but as their GroupPost income builds; they can start to make decisions about changing their fundraising activities.

How do you determine what to pay participating Groups?
We pay participating Groups based on the level of their participation in the following ways: (1) the number other Groups and businesses that participate based on a Group's recommendation; (2) the number of businesses that list a Group as one its favorites; and (3) the participation level of a Group's Followers. Remember, no one has to sell anything or collect money.

How does GroupPost pay participating Groups?
We don't send checks. We issue debit cards to Groups, and we simply credit those debit cards or bank accounts on a monthly basis, as Groups accumulate income. We also inform all the organization's Followers of what has been credited to their Group.

What do you mean organizations "recommend" other organizations?
We simply pay organizations for recommending other organizations to GroupPost. It's really no different from an airline granting a customer bonus frequent flyer miles when he refers another person to the frequent flyer program. This is a very common practice in mainstream business.

Do we ever plan to open GroupPost to other countries?
Yes, after we have significant traction in North America, part of our long-term planning includes allowing North American organizations to start spreading the word of GroupPost to other countries.