No more collecting & managing group members’ contact info.


For Community Groups, Families & Businesses

GroupPost is the best way for groups to communicate quickly to its members via a mobile device or a computer, and unlike text messaging; you’re not limited to 160 characters. All of this while maintaining privacy of members’ contact info. Group leaders can ...

  1. Create sub-groups to target messages to a select few group members, and
  2. Add attachments to messages.

GroupPost is not Social Media

GroupPost is not designed as a place for group members to “hangout” online - messaging each other. Rather, it’s a time-saver because it’s a super-convenient and efficient way for...

  1. Group leaders to quickly mobilely communicate to group members (When a group leader needs to communicate, “What, Where, When”), and
  2. Group members can Reply back to the group leader that sent the message.

If You Don’t Use Mobile Apps...

... we also send group messages via email so, if group members aren’t using a mobile app, they will still get the message.

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